I’m so excited! My Kirito design was chosen to be on! Be sure to go check it out :D I’m so excited! My Kirito design was chosen to be on! Be sure to go check it out :D

There was a request for animates! ^_~  So here is the first one :D
Enjoy ~

There was a request for animates! ^_~  So here is the first one :D

Enjoy ~

Chibi Chibi and the Starlights!

I think I should add Princess Fireball to this set! <3 Fireball ^_^

And i think soon I’ll start sets of the villains as well! Mwuahaha! XD


As a thank you to everyone (all 3000+ of you!) who has been following and supporting me as I dive head first into the cosplay world, and since I’ve acquiring a bunch of Firefly swag recently, I thought it only right to do a giveaway! 

Prizes are as follows:

Starting at midnight tonight, you can enter the rafflecopter HERE. You can get tons of entries by reblogging this post or sharing the facebook post, as well as tweeting and loads of other really easy stuff. 

Giveaway goes til April 26th!

Enter early, enter often! And again, thank you so much for supporting me. 

<3 <3

Michi-Chan's Creations

I had a page a while back…but after a little trouble and 2 deleted profiles later I have a new page up and running ^_^

So feel free to swing by and like my page :D

And here are the outer senshi! <3

Inner Senshi vector art I did a while back! :D

"Get ready Sailor Scouts!"

<3 <3

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ManlyStitches: FREE PONY PLUSHIE?!?!!


That’s right, folks. I am doing a plushie giveaway! The rules are simple:

1. Do any/all of the following:

a. Watch me on DeviantArt (, and post a comment on this journal (


It’s time for another giveaway! Except this time, YOU CHOOSE THE PIECE! Giveaway ends on October 6, the last day of the convention!

That’s right! Instead of being for an individual piece that I’m giving away, this giveaway is for a STAINED GLASS COMMISSION! This is to raise awareness of our upcoming convention, DerpyCon South, which is held in New Orleans, LA from October 4 - October 6. You can visit our website over at We’re constantly updating our site with new guests, announcements, and vendors!

Here are the rules:

  • You do not have to be following me. This giveaway is to bring attention to DerpyCon South, not to me.
  • 1 reblog = 1 entry, limit 1 reblog per account.
  • With each purchase of a membership to DerpyCon South (which you can do here), you will receive 25 entries. These can stack for as many memberships as you purchase. When registering, at the “Additional Info” stage, put your Tumblr URL when it asks for your Website.
  • With each purchase of a room at the convention venue (information on the rooms can be found here), you will receive 250 entries per person in the room, up to a maximum of 4 people (which is the hotel’s limit on people in one room). That’s a potential of 1,000 entries!

Now for a bit of information concerning the stained glass commission. The commission can be of anything you want, any subject. I’m not biased in what I make in the slightest. However, I do ask that you keep the commission somewhat simple, meaning no extremely complicated design choices, which include designs that would result in pieces of glass that are VERY small (since pieces that are too small will probably be covered in metal) or designs that contain an insane amount of pieces. Additionally, the limitation for the stained glass piece is one square foot (1ft x 1ft).

Aside from those limitations, you can make it of whatever you want! If you want a small suncatcher just a few inches big, that’s perfectly acceptable—I’d just need to know the desired size of the piece beforehand.


Q: Why do reblogs only count for 1, but memberships count for 25 a piece and hotel rooms count for 250 per person? That seems a bit unfair.
A: The supplies for stained glass are very costly compared to other crafts and hobbies, as well as much more dangerous. My commissions usually go for around $150 or so, which is the price of one night in the convention hotel for just one person. Because the price being paid for the hotel room would be around that price range, I think that offering a higher chance for those that book rooms would be reasonable, especially since it would offer an approximate return on investment.

Q: Why would you do this for free? You JUST SAID stained glass is costly and dangerous.
A: And it is! However, there’s a saying that I remember, but I can never remember exactly how it goes, so I’ll paraphrase it: “If you wouldn’t do your job for free, then you don’t like your job.” I absolutely LOVE stained glass, and would do it for free all the time if I could afford it.

Q: What’s so good about DerpyCon South?
A: That’s a difficult question to answer. I would say the best thing about DerpyCon South is the location. It takes place right on the Riverwalk in New Orleans, which offers beautiful scenic views, close proximity to Harrah’s casino, and is literally right next to the world-famous Cafe du Monde. The convention is definitely not something to be missed, but when you have spare time, you won’t be bored for one moment at the Riverwalk in New Orleans.

Q: What do you do for DerpyCon South? Are you attending? Will I be able to see you there?
A: I’m the Head of Security and Webmaster for DerpyCon South! I’ll be busy throughout the entirety of the convention, but I’ll almost always be able to stop for a few minutes and chat (unless an emergency comes up). You can already see what I look like in the above pictures, so if you’re attending, let’s play “Where’s Cryo?” since I’ll be constantly on the move!

Q: I’m curious about the commission. When will it be started? Done? Can I REALLY commission ANYTHING from you? >:3
A: Oh gosh, I know what that face means. Yes, I will do ANY stained glass commission, but I WILL NOT publicly acknowledge or post any sort of commission that wouldn’t be acceptable for a child’s eyes. As for when it will be started, I will be starting on the commission process on October 7, the day after the convention. As for when it’s finished, it depends on the size, colors, complexity, etc.

Got any more questions, comments, concerns, or insults? Feel free to message me on Tumblr!